About Us

Hey y'all,

We are so glad you're on our website looking into renting a camper, booking your annual rental or looking for that awning instruction video (it's on the contact us page).

Honestly, our name says it all, although we do have the occasional phone call that goes something like this:

Todd: Pollard CAMPER RENTAL, May I help you?

Caller: Do y’all rent campers?

Yes folks- that happens.!.!.

Todd wanted to start answering “No we don’t rent campers, we just like to answer the phone that way. What time can we set up to bring your car in for an oil change?” Fortunately, I’ve talked him out of it. LOL!

Since our name says it all, let me tell you a little bit about us personally, and the story behind our company…

Todd and I started this business in 2006, in the early years of our marriage. Back then we had a house full of kids, we are a blended family of six kids -now we are down to just one kid still at home. My husband, the hardest working man I've ever met, is a computer geek, an excellent wood worker and an all around handyman. As for me, well, I love working out and healthy living, caring for Todd and the kids, decorating, cooking and anything else that is part of being a wife and mom. Together we love to take our pontoon boat out on the lake, kayak, bike, travel and spend time with family and friends.

Back in the summer of '06, visiting Todd's best friend's campsite one weekend, I found myself wishing we could camp too, but back then there was just no way we could afford a camper and tents aren't our thing. Not long after, Todd was laid off from his job and we found ourselves with the perfect opportunity to start a business of our own. Todd's father has owned and operated an RV dealership in Jackson, MS for many years and suggested we open one here. After some consideration the idea shifted to renting campers instead of selling them. As many of you know, our last name actually is Pollard, and since our name is often times associated with the lake, where most people camp in the area, we chose to use it for the name of our company. Speaking of the lake, if you're new to the area, maybe you don't know- just a short 15-20 minute drive from Evans is the largest man made lake this side of the Mississippi.

Todd and I love the product and opportunity we offer our customers, a nice clean camper to use while you do whatever makes you happy- fishing, boating, biking, hiking, hunting or just sitting 'round a campfire. We do our best to keep our rates affordable, they have not increased since we opened in 2006. Renting a camper takes most of the hassle out of camping, our customers don't have the expense and work of owning, maintaining, storing and insuring a camper or the hassle of keeping a vehicle capable of towing.

The majority of our rentals are delivered to Clarks Hill Lake, but we also deliver to several local beaches, to your home for extra sleeping for guests or living arrangements during home building, repair or remodel. We also, deliver to events like races, cook-offs, parades and family reunions.

When you call or email us, know that you are dealing with the owners, it's just the two of us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and ensure that you have a great camping experience.

Blessings & Happy Camping,

Fallon Pollard

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